Laser Diode System

The patent pending LightProVet is a Therapeutic Laser modality that utilizes "laser-generated light" to assist in the healing process. The technology is based on quantum physics and laser science. It incorporates a unique mid-infrared diode laser device designed specifically for the non-invasive and non-thermal treatment of biological tissue and internal organs. The digital system includes a treatment Probe with an extended cone containing an integrated diffuser lens, laser pointing beam, and power switch. The lasers are contained in the base unit and their output is delivered to the Probe through an armored fiber optic cable.

The device operates on the principle of absorption rather than penetration. Due to the 100% absorptive properties via the water molecule of its Therapeutic Wavelength, high power levels and deep penetration are not required to achieve the therapeutic effects desired. The "light" generated by the LightProVet is applied in a diffuse beam.

Management of the inflammatory process and amelioration of indications is achieved non-invasively, without the generation of heat or causing additional damage to injury or damage to healthy tissue.

The LightProVet’s patented wavelength of de-focused laser light energies possesses unique intrinsic properties which, when absorbed into tissue, are recognized by the immune system as an immunogen. An immunogen evokes an immune response. Acting as an immunogen, the biophotonic laser light energies induce an immediate immune response independent of pathogen allowing for preventative therapies also known as Wellness Treatments. The technology can elicit a response from the Innate, the Adaptive, and the Complement immune systems.

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