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Equine Chronic Inflamed Tendon

Thermographic Imaging displaying the results of one LightProVet Photon Therapy showing Vasodilation and a reduction in heat (Inflammation) occurring within 9 minutes 5 seconds of treatment. Note the Systemic Therapeutic Effect - Increased Blood Flow throughout the treated leg's knee, cannon and fetlock areas.

Average Temperature Drop 1.3479° C or 2.427° Fahrenheit, within 9 minutes and 5 seconds of elapsed time as documented by these Thermographic Imaging frame shots. Thermographic filming was conducted throughout the 5 minute LightProVet Laser Therapy. The Probe was held steadily over the indicated LightProVet Treated Area of the leg.

4 Year Old Mare Quarter Horse - Reduced Inflammation - Systemic Vasodilation. The 1st Thermographic Image was taken immediately before, and the 2nd Image less than 4 minutes after one 5 minute LightProVet Laser Therapy (9 min. 5 sec. total elapsed time between frame shots).

Equine Core Lesion Injury

Superficial Digital Flexor Tendon

Twenty-one LightProVet Immune Modulation Therapy treatments were administered over a 56 day period. Treatment times were 10 minutes each on the injured leg and 5 minutes each on the uninjured leg to avoid possible injury to the healthy leg due to compensation for the injury by the horse placing increased pressure on the healthy leg.

Note the decrease in size of the core lesion along with the uniformity and linearity of the fiber pattern where the new collagen is laid down without scarification during the lesion healing process insuring flexibility restoration.

Note the Density, Uniformity, and Linearity of the new Collagen Fibers laid down (without scarring) during the Lesion healing process, and the reduction from the “normal” average healing time of 12-18 months, to just 56 days.

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Thermographic image at the beginning of treatment.
Thermographic image at the beginning of treatment. Thermographic image after 3 minutes, 28 seconds of treatment. Ultrasound taken prior to treatment. Ultrasound following 2 ½ weeks of treatments. Ultrasound following 8 weeks of treatments - tendon normalized.
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